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Age of Adaline onlineI remember watching The Age Of Adaline in the cinemas earlier this year, and it was a really nice film. It was romantic and had a nice story, so one of my favorites, but I would rather watch The Longest Ride, which is a similar category film, though totally different if the goal was a very romantic film.

In The Age Of Adaline we meet a lade who has stopped aging. It is an incredible story about a girl who at age 29 was hit by lightning and since then her body has just stayed in the same way, showing no sign of aging. That is why the girl needs to change passports and take care, because she does not want to world around her to know, after all they would not understand what is going on anyway.

She falls in love with a guy, but the trouble starts coming as she is taken home to the family of the boy and it suddenly turns out that the father of the boy is an old friend, or maybe even more?

This is a really romantic and nice film, and if you want such a film for the evening, you should absolutely watch this film which can now be seen online on as an Instant Video.

Just press the link above to get started and to watch the film. If you try, but bump into problems as Amazon Instant Videos are only available to people in the United States with a US Credit Card, then you should read the following article which will give you all the information you need to be able to bypass this problem!

If you want to watch it on another platform then you can and should consider watching it on Netflix or Hulu instead, whereof Hulu has the best solution at the moment.


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