Watch The Holiday on Amazon Instant Video

The Holiday onlineAs Christmas is getting closer one of my favorite films to watch is The Holiday. In this really nice film with Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jack Black you can enjoy a beautiful story, some nice music and lots of good jokes.

If you have not seen it, or would like to see it, visit and watch it there as an Instant Video.

In the film you can follow Kate Winslet as she is desperate for a change and that is why she joins in on a house change program and she happens to change her little nice house outside London with the giant luxury house of Cameron Diaz, in the United States. This is how they end up meeting with some really nice and polite guys, and they experience lots of interesting, strange and funny things. And since it all takes place around Christmas this is really a nice film to watch around Christmas times. Another similar film which is quite popular is Love Actually, but that is not really my favorite, so I would rather watch The Holiday.

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