Watch Pure Genius on Amazon

A brand new TV series from CBS is called Pure Genius. It  had its premiere on CBS earlier this week, and now you can watch the pilot episode for free on Amazon.

A pilot episode is very important, not only for the TV studios, but also for you. The success of a TV series will often be the result of a fantastic first episode, while a bad first episode will make viewers disappear at once for never to return.

That is why you will want to watch the pilot episode of Pure Genius on Amazon. I have watched most of it, and at times I really liked it, but I also felt quite bored as I watched it and I do not necessarily predict a bright future for Pure Genius.


What is Pure Genius about?

Pure Genius tells us the story about a super billionaire kid who uses lots of his money to build a super hospital. This hospital is used to research new methods and to make miracles compared to what is normally accepted and believed to work in medical science.

The first episode has not received the best critics so far, but lots of changes can take place in the future.

If you want to watch Pure Genius online then do so at If you have a subscription to CBS All Access then you can follow all the episode there as well.


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