Can I watch Amazon Videos using Google Chromecast?

Do you have a Google Chromecast? Do you want to use it to watch Amazon Videos? Can it be done? Is it possible to cast Amazon Videos to my Chromecast?

For a long time I did not actually use my Chromecast. But, recently I have rediscovered my Chromecast and started using it a lot. I use it to watch CBS on my TV, to watch Hulu on my TV and now I thought it was time to use my Chromecast to watch Amazon Videos online. I do not only think of videos included in my Amazon Prime subscription, but also to watch movies that I rent or buy for the sole purpose of watching.

Isn’t there an icon missing? Yeah, where is the Chromecast icon?

As you can see on the screenshot above I am watching Love and Friendship, a movie included in my Amazon Prime subscription. This is done on my Android device, but the Chromecast icon is nowhere to be seen. That is why I checked it out with Amazon, and it wasn’t even a mistake. There is no Google Chromecast support in the Amazon Video app. There is in other words no way to actually cast your Amazon Videos using the Amazon Video App on your Android devices to your Chromecast. Isn’t that a pity?

Is there still a way to watch Amazon Videos on your Chromecast?

Yes, there is a way in which you can watch Amazon Videos on your Chromecast, but it is a bit more complicated and not so enjoyable. For this to work you need to have a computer with Google Chrome and Google Cast installed. That can be done easily, so just open Chrome, visit extensions and find the Cast extension. Once this is installed you should be mostly ready to go.

Visit, find the movie you would like to watch, press the Chromecast icon in the upper right corner of Google Chrome and cast your screen.

Press the Chromecast icon in Chrome to cast your screen with an Amazon Video to your Chromecast

Now this is a method that will work, but not as smooth as we are used to from Android devices. Since the Chromecast will mirror the movements in Chrome, you will have to let your browser window remain open. The video will also be 100% in display on your computer, so it is not working like when you watch Netflix on your Chromecast, casting from your Android device. In such cases your mobile phone only give you information about what is going on at your TV screen, but you do not actually see the movie on your mobile device. When you cast an Amazon Video using Google Chrome you will actually watch the full movie in Google Chrome meanwhile watching it on your TV using the Chromecast as well.

If you use a laptop this will drain your battery quickly, but with a normal computer that will not cause any trouble.

Why isn’t there Chromecast support in the Amazon Video app?
The Amazon Stores does not sell Apple TV’s or Google Chromecast anymore. This is a fightback against these providers not supporting Amazon Videos and including Amazon apps on their devices. If you visit (now also available in English) you can do a quick search for Chromecast and Apple TV, but you will not find anything, except for similar products from other companies.

Is this a good way to watch Amazon Videos on Chromecast?

To be honest, it isn’t a great method to watch Amazon Prime videos and Amazon Instant videos on your TV using a Chromecast, but at least it is a way. You can of course buy yourself an Amazon Fire TV Stick or Fire TV to avoid all such problems, but if you want to use your Chromecast, this is the way to do it.

Are you satisfied with this solution? Do you know of other ways in which you can watch Amazon Videos on your Chromecast? Write a comment to share your thoughts, insight and experiences!

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