Do not forget to read those books!

If you want to stay young you need to get in the habit of learning. If you want to learn, you better get in the habit of reading books. If you want to read books, then you better have an Amazon Prime subscription!

Henry Ford is known to have said that being old is more about a state of being than a number. You can be young and still be old. In the same way you can be old, but still be young! Are you a learner? Are you developing yourself? If you are, you might end up being a very young 100 year old person some day! And yes, Amazon can of course help you stay young.

Not long ago launched their service Kindle Reading. There you will at any time find a quite big selection of books and magazines that you can borrow for free at their website. I have already taken a look at it several times, and it always surprise me with some great titles. In fact I have already borrowed four books and a magazine, meaning that i read them simultaneously at the moment.

Some of the books available with Prime Reading right now!

Luckily Amazon will let you borrow 10 books at a time, meaning that you can read several books at the same time, and when you are tired of a book you only hand it back (and you can borrow another book instead).

What can I recommend on Prime Reading now?

I can of course only share my thoughts on the books i have started myself. To be honest the Gary Chapman book named “Five Love Languages” is a classic and a brilliant book if you want to communicate your appreciation for someone. You might give someone a gift, but if that ain’t their love language, then the present will not get the effect you wished for. You can read much more about this as you borrow The Five Love Languages on Prime Reading right away.

Would you like to improve your life making small steps? Why not change some of your habits? You can get advises for 97 small changes in a book by S. J. Scott named “Habit Stacking: 97 Small Life Changes That Take Five Minutes or Less.” I have read almost the entire book and even though I might not be to impressed with the book in general, it is still useful and I will implement some of the ideas from the book in my own life.

I also found a Calvin and Hobbes book, a book about science experiments for children and about choosing myself (the title was Choose Yourself). I have not read so much in these books yet, but as you understand there are lots of interesting stuff available to you for free if  you are an Amazon Prime member. Make sure to check out these discounts and offers yourself!

For more information on how you can sign up for Amazon Prime from abroad, press the link.

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