Now you can buy Finding Dory on Amazon


It feels like only a few weeks ago when Finding Dory could be seen in cinemas worldwide, but if you missed out on

it back then, why not buy the movie instead on or elsewhere?

Finding Dory is the follow up movie to the bug success Nemo. In this movie Dory is lost and she needs to be found. Will they succeed? There is a slight problem with Dory and that is her remembrance. She has a hard time remembering anything at all, and that is why her named is translated and for example in Hungarian they call her Senilla (coming from the word senile).

Since Finding Dory is a brand new movie you can still not rent it on, but in a week you do not have to buy the film, but rent it instead. At the moment the price for the movie is 19,90 USD if you want to buy it and watch it digitally. Normally the price will be 5 USD if you want to rent the movie online in a week from now.

Can I watch Finding Dory abroad?

If you are located outside the United States and want to buy or rent Finding Dory and watch it online on Amazon, then it can be done. It might not be that easy, but if you follow my instructions on how to watch Prime and Instant Videos online from abroad, then you will be ready to watch in a few minutes from now.

Have you seen Finding Dory? Did you like it? Was it a worthy successor to Finding Nemo? The movie itself lasts for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Peter Travers from the Rolling Stone wrote as follows about the movie: “If Finding Dory lacks the fresh surprise of its predecessor, it still brims with humor, heart and animation miracles.

We can also discover the true popularity of the movie as we read other reviews and look at the score of the movie. At iMDB Finding Dory has a 7,6/10 score at the moment. Much more impressing is the 94% score on Rotten Tomatoes, while the Metacritic readers are a bit more critical and there it only has a 74% score. How would you rate the movie? Write a comment and let me know!

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