Watch Mothers and Daughters on Amazon

Are you in the mood for a film in honor of mums? Ready to get bored like crazy? You can now watch Mothers and Daughters on

Mothers and Daughters on Amazon

It isn’t everyday that you are introduced to a film that has a fantastic 7% score on Rotten Tomatoes, but that is the truth about Mothers and Daughters. Luckily the real relationships between mothers and daughters are way better than in this film, so if I were you I would rather call my mum (or my daughter) and have a nice chat instead of actually watching this film. Mothers and Daughters has a better score on iMDB (5,5/10), but iMDB is always extremely positive so that is probably why.

Last week I wrote about the film Mothers Day, another film created for mothers day in honor of mums. Unfortunately that film was a disaster as well and I bored myself through the entire thing. The same can be said about Mothers and Daughters, so if you are to honor your mother or your daughter, I would recommend that you watch a good movie and not any of these. Almost whatever you watch will be better than these films, so what about watching a pure action film instead, or maybe The Longest Ride?

Not sure? Check out the Mothers and Daughters trailer

If you want to find out more about the film for yourself, then take a look at the following trailer.

You can watch this film on right now. You can both rent it or buy it, but if you are located abroad you will need to follow these instructions in order to actually watch the film.

Mothers Day is packed with famous actors like Susan Sarandon, Sharon Stone, Courtney Cox, Christina Ricci, Selma Blair, Mira Sorvino, Eva Amurri Martino, Ashanti, Paul Wesley and Quinton Aaron. Those celebrities unfortunately doesn’t help this film out, so only watch this if you are really eager!

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