Watch the Olympics on your Fire TV

If you have got a Fire TV or a Fire TV Stick then you might know already that you can watch the Summer Olympics on NBC using it.

NBC olympics applicationFor the Summer Olympics NBC has created a special and dedicated application. This application will give you access to live streams from the Summer Olympics, meaning that you can watch recordings of different sports, or you can watch live streams from all the important events taking place during the Summer Olympics.

It is easy to find the application on your Fire TV. You simply need to scroll down to apps and most likely it will show up at once as a recommended app for you to download. If not, then you can do a search for NBC and it will show up in that way.

There are not many days left of the Summer Olympics right now, in fact there are only 6 days left before the closing ceremony on August 21st. I have had a fantastic time so far watching the Summer Olympics, and I am so happy about the fact that NBC has made it so much easier to follow their streams online, compared to the World Cup back in 2014.

If you are located abroad then you will of course need an American IP address to get this to work, but more about how you can use and enjoy your Fire TV abroad can be found in this article.

Watch the Summer Olympics on your computer

If you would rather watch the Summer Olympics on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, then you can find more information on how that can be done in this article.


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