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I recently rented Mother’s Day in hope of watching a nice comedy. It felt more like sleeping medicine. If you want to watch Mother’s Day on, you can do it now!

Mother’s Day is what I would call a typical super film with to many famous actors, making it a total mess with few good jokes. In that way it reminds me a lot of Valentine’s Day and the film New Years Eve. Both of these were loaded with famous characters, but I could easily fall asleep watching both of them. The same can almost be said of Love Actually, but that was at least a bit better than Mother’s Day, Valentines’s Day and New Years Eve.

Mothers Day on Amazon

If you however really want to watch Mother’s Day on, then it can be done right now. You can either rent the film or you can buy it. You can of course watch it online right away as an Instant Video, but if you are abroad you need to follow these instructions to find out how it is done.

Is it worth watching Mother’s Day on Amazon?

I would say that I had to suffer myself through the film. It was simply boring and without good jokes. The fact that actors such as Julia Roberts, Jenifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Jason Sudeikis, Britt Robertson, Timothy Olyphant, Hector Elizondo and Jack Whitehall can be seen in the film doesn’t really help out a bit. It just makes the disappointment even bigger.

Go ahead and watch Mother’s Day if you still feel like watching it, but I would for sure watch something else instead. I just saw that the film has a 5,5/10 score on iMDB (they are also giving good ratings), but the truth can be revealed on Rotten Tomatoes where this film has a score of 7%. Another similar movie site is Metacritic and their score for Mother’s Day is 17%. Good appetite!

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