Now you can watch The Boss on Amazon

The Boss is yet another comedy with Melissa McCarthy. This time she is playing a super rich lady that looses all her money and has to start a new life.

The Boss on Amazon
Now you can watch The Boss on Amazon

I haven’t seen The Boss yet, but it looks like an average minus comedy. Melissa McCarthy ends up in prison, looses all her money, but after six months she is back out again. The only problem is that she has nowhere to go, and thus Kristen Bell play the lady who takes care of “The Boss.” The film doesn’t exactly seem like a fantastic one, but it is a typical comedy about a crazy lady who tries to get back on track and she uses very unorthodox methods to get back there.

If you want to watch The Boss on then you can now buy it on DVD, as a Blu-Ray, or watch it online as an Instant Video. You can also rent it if you feel like it will be enough to watch The Boss once. I would for sure stick to renting!

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More about The Boss

Above you can take a look at the official The Boss trailer. If you like it, go ahead and watch it. The Boss has received poor critics online and currently has a 5,3/10 score on iMDB. Another movie critics site is Rotten Tomatoes and there The Boss only enjoys a 19% score. It doesn’t sound to promising really.

If you like Kristen Bell then you can also look forward to the new NBC series named The Good Place. It will start on NBC this autumn, and for more information on the series and how you can watch it online, visit this article.


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