Watch Midnight in Paris on Amazon Prime

Midnight in Paris on Amazon PrimeIf you are a fan of romantic comedies and Woody Allen, then you will for sure like Midnight in Paris which has just been made available for free online to all Amazon Prime members as one of many great stuff included in the Prime membership.

In the film we follow a family traveling to Paris and during that travel a lot of things will happen, especially to the couple played by Kathy Bates and Adrien Brody. Something special takes place every night as midnight is reached and the clock at  a square starts ringing. A special car drops by and as Gil who is a bit drunk jumps to the car he is taken to a party in which he meets with Ernest Hemingway and other historical characters. The second night me meets up with Picasso as well, and these meetings has great impact on his life and his skills and his character.

This is a very nice romantic comedy that you can now watch on Amazon Prime. If you want to watch other romantic comedies then there are quite some of them also available on Netflix, and you can read more about romantic films on Netflix in the following article which I posted about one month ago on

I hope you will like watching Midnight in Paris on, and of course for free as a Prime member. If you want to know more about watching Amazon Prime online from abroad, then I recommend that you read the article I wrote on the subject on the front page of this blog.

Did you like Midnight in Paris? I remember watching it some years back, but it did not have a big impact on me, so it is not the first film I would watch again for the second time. How did you like it? Write a comment and share your thoughts if you have seen the film! I would love to hear from you!

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