Do not forget about your free Kindle book (December 2015)

Hopefully you realize that as a Prime member you each month get access to a free book for your Kindle. This is a book that has not yet been released, but you have the advantage as a Prime member that you one month earlier can get access to the book, without paying anything.

Normally there are 4-6 books made available like this each month, and Prime members can download one of these for free. This is a fantastic plus, in addition to all the other stuff that you can enjoy as a Prime member. And yes, you can become a Prime member and enjoy free Instant Videos, Prime TV series and much more, also from abroad, just read the following article, and then you can also download such a free book to your Kindle every month.

Free Prime books december 2015

Above you can see a little picture showing the six books you can choose between in December 2015 and read one of them for free on your Kindle. I am not sure which sounds most interesting, I guess I would go for Death in Sweden or Terms of Use, but since I do not have much time actually to read at the moment, I am not sure if I will download any of them at all. But, if I will download one of these books, then it will be one of those!

Get yourself a Prime subscription and get started watching Instant Videos, Prime Videos, listen to lots of Prime music for free and download one book for free to your Kindle. And, you also get access to the Lending Library, from which you can borrow a Kindle book for free every month, and among the titles available there are all Harry Potter books.

Have fun and enjoy, and if you have any feedback or comment, just write. And by the way, if you want to buy a Kindle, then read the following article in which I wrote my thoughts on the brand new Kindle Paperwhite.

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