Watch The Good Place on Amazon

Earlier this week NBC broadcasted the firs two episodes of The Good Place. The episodes can already be seen on Amazon. The first episode can be watched for free!

The Good Place tells the story of a girl played by Kristen Bell. She has just died and now she wakes up. The first person she meets is played by Ted Danson. He is the architect of this new eternal home and luckily Kristen Bell has ended up in “The Good Place”, the place for those people who gave much more to humanity than they took from humanity. There is only one slight problem with this situation – she has been mistaken with someone else. As she looks back on her life she easily discovers that she was a selfish lady who did little to nothing for anyone, except for what she did for her own best.


Luckily everyone has a soul mate in The Good Place, and that is true for Kristen Bell as well. The soul-mate has a hard time actually grasping what has happened, but he still does his uttermost to help Kristen Bell in her role. But, she has to be careful. If someone discovers what has happened, she might be send to “The Bad Place” instead, and none wants to be there.

Watch The God Place on Amazon

If you want to watch The Good Place on Amazon, then you simply has to head over to where you can watch the pilot episode for free. You can also buy rights to watch the entire season online for a cost of 19,9USD. You will then get access to new episodes one day after they originally aired on NBC.

If you do not feel like paying to watch The Good Place on Amazon, then you can also watch The Good Place online on NBC (for free). The episodes are removed from there a few weeks after they aired originally. so if you want to watch them on NBC you better hurry up. There are commercials on NBC, while you can watch The Good Place without commercials on Amazon. If you are located abroad, then you can read more about how you can access and watch Amazon videos outside the US right here.

You can also watch The Good Place on Hulu, so if you have a Hulu subscription you do not need to pay anything extra in order to watch The Good Place.

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