Congratulations to Mozart in the Jungle, Transparent and The Man in the High Castle

The Emmy Awards 2016 were held on Sunday, and as expected Amazon won several awards for their TV series.

Transparent was a big winner last year. In 2016 it did not get as many awards as last year, but it still managed to get a spot on the list of the TV series with awards in 2016. Two other Amazon series with greater success were Mozart in the Jungle and The Man in the High Castle.


These are both Amazon productions and you can stream them online right away if you have an Amazon Prime subscription. These are brilliant TV series, even though I must admit that I am not a big fan of Mozart in the Jungle myself. In fact I was quite bored as I watched the first episode and that is how it all ended for me. Hopefully you will enjoy Mozart in the Jungle more than I did.

The Man in the High Castle is a Second World War TV series which is highly untraditional. This story deals with what the world would have been like if the Allied Forces had lost the Second World War, leading to a world in which Japan and Germany would rule the world. I haven’t watched that either, but every time I read about it I feel like watching an episode. So, coming up later this week I guess I will take myself the time to watch the first episode, and hopefully I will like it better than Mozart In the Jungle. If you want to watch these on Amazon Prime in a nation in which Amazon Prime is unavailable, follow these instructions.

Which is your favorite Amazon TV series?

What do you think? Which is the best Amazon Prime TV series on the market?

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