How to watch Amazon Prime movies on Apple TV?

Do you have an Apple TV and want to watch Amazon Prime movies and Amazon Instant Videos? How can it be done? This is the answer!

I am really sorry to give you this answer, but the truth is that you can not watch Amazon Prime movies on Apple TV, and you can not watch Amazon Instant Movies either. But, there is still a way. Go to the bottom of this article for the solution, or read on for more information about why the Amazon Video app is unavailable in the Apple Store on Apple TV’s.

The reason is very simply. There are no Amazon applications available in the iOS App Store, meaning that you can not download these for the purpose of watching Amazon videos on your Apple TV. This has a two sided effect.

Why Amazon videos can’t be watched on Apple TV

  • If you could purchase and watch Amazon Instant Videos and watch Prime videos on Apple TV, then Apple would kind of shoot themselves in the leg. They want you to shop and watch content bought from the Apple Store, and thus creating support for Amazon and their products would be inviting an enemy into their own home. Instead they keep the door closed, so if you want to watch movies and content like that online, you better buy it from the Apple Store instead.
  • As a consequence Amazon is blocking and not selling Apple TV products in their stores either. This is their soft kind of revenge against Apple. Quite fair the way I see it.

In other words, no Amazon Prime on Apple TV. But, you could of course consider watching Hulu on Apple TV, or maybe get the NBC or CBS apps for Apple TV and watch them instead?

Or, maybe you can watch Amazon videos on your Apple TV after all?

Now, this article ain’t finished yet. Because, there is a way to stream Amazon TV shows and movies on your Apple TV still. For this to work you will need an iPhone or an iPad with the Amazon Video application on. Once you have the application ready on your iPhone or iPad you start the movie you are interested in. Then you will need to use the Airplay function in the upper right corner of the video and sent the video through the air to your Apple TV. apple-airplay-watch-amazon-prime-videos-on-apple-tv

With this done you should be able still to watch Amazon Prime movies on your Apple TV. Have a great time doing so!

What do you think? Is it fair of apple to block access to Amazon Prime on Apple TV?

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