Have you tried the mini-projectors available at Amazon?

Mini projectors in englishAre you in the mood for watching a good Prime movie on your wall tonight? Why not purchase a mini-projector which will turn your room into a cinema?

Maybe you haven’t even heard about mini-projectors, but keep on reading to find out more about what it is. You do not have to be very smart to understand that a mini-projector is a small projector. So yes, it is smaller than a normal projector, and it is way cheaper. For between 1/3 and 1/4 of the normal projector price you can buy a mini-projector, which also makes it way cheaper than any TV available.

There are quite a lot of brands available in the mini-projector industry, but the most famous brand is probably Crenova. Their cheapest mini-projector is the XPE460 which only cost 80 USD. So, what do you get for that price?

What to be aware of as you buy a mini-projector?

You can read more about the Crenova XPE460 projector in this review, where you will also find some general advises related to mini-projectors. But, to make it short…

  • The light bulb is exchanged with a LED lamp in most mini-projectors. This makes the light not as strong, making it hard to use them during normal daylight. If you have access to a room that can be made totally dark a mini-projector can however do the job throughout the entire job.
  • The mini-projectors are made for smaller areas and need to be located close to the screen/wall. Normally it is recommended to have the projector located between 1-4 meters from the wall.
  • They normally come with high compatibility, making it easy to show content from your computer, a pen-drive, using a HDMI dongle or similar devices.

Where can you buy these mini-projectors?

You can visit Amazon.com and do a quick search for mini-projectors or projectors. You will then get lots of different offers in different price ranges and quality, and as a result you can easily make the decision yourself for what you want to buy.

For those located outside the United States there is a way to get the products posted to your home-address elsewhere in the world still. You can read more about how to get Amazon products posted to your home address outside the US in this article.

Now the time is left for you to try a mini-projector for yourself. If you have comments or questions related to this, write a comment. Or maybe you just watched a fantastic movie available on Amazon Prime shown at your wall using a mini-projector? Tell me which movie you watched, and maybe I will watch it as well!

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