Can I watch Netflix original content on Amazon?

Netflix and Amazon are great rivals fighting for every single customer. They are the giants in the streaming world, and it makes the question very interesting: “Can I watch Netflix original content on Amazon?”

Have you ever been to a restaurant where you could choose between Pepsi Cola and Coca-Cola? The answer is probably no. The reason is simply, because when a restaurant makes an agreement with one brand, they at the same time promise to not sell products of the opponent. That is why you will find restaurant with Pepsi products or Coca-Cola products, but seldom find a place with products from both brands. So, is the same true in the streaming world?

can i watch netflix content on Amazon
Can I stream Netflix original content on Amazon?

Can I watch Netflix Original content on Amazon?

Let me first approach the first part of the question. Can Netflix original content be streamed on Amazon? I will later also answer whether or not you can watch original Amazon content on Netflix. But, let me first start with Netflix content on Amazon.

At Netflix you will find a large amount of original productions and TV series, created for and by Netflix. Examples of such productions are Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Narcos, Hemlock Grove, BoJack Horseman, Fuller House, Master of None and lots of other series. These series are brilliant, because no matter which Netflix regions you might be in, these will for sure be available there. But, can you stream them on Amazon?

You will be surprised to discover that almost all Netflix original content will be available on You will never find the content available in your Amazon Prime subscription, but if you are willing to pay, then you can buy the content either on DVD, Blu-Ray or pay for the rights to stream the content online. The answer is therefore yes! But, streaming the content is quite expensive, so for the same price you stream a season of House of Cards, you can enjoy three months with a normal Netflix subscription. For more information on how you can access Netflix content in different Netflix regions, visit

Can I watch Amazon Original content on Netflix?

That is the other side of the coin, and the answer does not come as a surprise. You can NOT stream Amazon original content on Netflix. How come? Amazon productions like Transparent, Mozart in the Jungle, The Grand Tour and Sneaky Pete can not be seen on Netflix. Since Netflix comes without any “pay-per-watch” option, it is impossible to stream the Amazon content on Netflix. I can also say it like this. If Amazon original content would become available on Netflix, then the reason for subscribing to Amazon Video would disappear, and everyone would go to Netflix instead.

That is why you will need an Amazon Video (Amazon Prime) subscription if you want to watch the Amazon original content, while you do not need a Netflix account in order to stream the original Netflix content. But, let me repeat myself once more and say that it will be much cheaper to watch Netflix original content with a Netflix account than it will be buying it on

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