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Trolls is the name of the 2016 animation movie from Dreamworks. This is a company with a strong name in the animated movie business, and that is why the expectations were high as Trolls came to the theaters back in 2016. The reception has been quite mixed, and if you check out its score at famous movie portals such as Rotten Tomatoes and iMDB, you will soon see that the critics are mainly positive, but not at all in awe of the movie itself. Trolls has a 6,5/10 score on iMDB and a 74% score on Rotten Tomatoes. On Metacritic the movie only has a 54% score at the moment.

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So, what do you think about Trolls? I haven’t seen Trolls yet, but since it is now available on, I will probably rent it online within shortly and watch it online. But, how can I do that? I am after all located in Europe, and the movies and content on can only be streamed in the United States. Another problem is actually paying for the services. How can I pay for Amazon Instant Videos when abroad? These are all questions that i have answered on this page earlier, so read the articles linked to if you want to find out more on how it is done.

Can Trolls win an Oscar?

The answer to that question is for sure no. It was after all among the movies people expected to be nominated in the category for best animated movie, but when the final list was released, Trolls could not be found on it. The big favorite to win this category however is Zootopia, another movie you can stream on if you feel like watching an animated movie tonight. Are you gonna be up to cheer for Zootopia during the Academy Awards in 2017? You can stream the event online if you follow these instructions.

Another animated movie that people expected to be nominated was Finding Dory. That movie did however not get to be among the top five in the end, meaning that Finding Dory will not win an Academy Award either. But, you can still stream it on, so watch Finding Dory as well on, if you want to watch yet another animated movie tonight.

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