Transporter Refueled, now on Amazon Prime

As an Amazon Prime member you can enjoy lots of goodies and there are several benefits included in your membership. And now you can watch Transporter Refueled for free as well.

Lots of us have seen the Transporter films in which Jason Statham is the transporter who can beat anything and anyone and who knows tons of tricks when it comes to fighting, and of course when it comes to driving. Now the transporter has been refueled, with a new driver, with crazy new stunts and of course tons of action.

Transporter Refueled on Amazon Prime
Now you can watch Transporter Refueled on

The new hero in Transporter Refueled is played by Ed Skrein, and I have not seen the film yet, but I plan on doing so in the near future, especially now since it has become available for free with my Amazon Prime subscription. If you want to get yourself an Amazon Prime subscription, just press the link and get a subscription right away. If you simply want to watch Transporter Refueled on by paying for the film (or maybe renting it), then you can also use the link in the start of the article. If you are located outside the US you will have problems watching the film with or without a Prime subscription, but you can read more about how to bypass these and watch Amazon Videos abroad in the linked article.

How did you like Transporter Refueled? Did you enjoy watching it and was it as good as the former Transporter films? Please share your thoughts, and I will also share mine as I have seen the film on

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