Get ready for Inferno – Read the book!

Read Inferno on AmazonAre you looking forward to the upcoming Inferno film in which we meet Tom Hanks playing the role as Robert Langdon again? Get ready for the film by reading the book!

If you visit the sites above then you can buy your copy of the Dan Brown book Inferno and make sure that you get to read it before the film is released in theaters all around the world.  If you want to buy it from the German Amazon store, but do not understand German, then you will be pleased to know that you can now also enjoy German Amazon in English. Press the link to read my article on the subject and to find out how it is done.

More about Inferno

As a big fan of Dan Brown and his books I have of course read Inferno as well. The first Dan Brown book I read was the Da Vinci Code, followed by Angels and Demons. Then came The Lost Symbol and following that I read Inferno. The first two books I totally enjoyed and ate, even though you have to digest the book and the facts presented with some wisdom. But, as a fictional story with lots of action I totally loved them. But when I read The Lost Symbol I felt kind of bored almost and the story did not grab a hold of me at all and that is why I was curious to find out whether or not Inferno would follow that pattern, or if Inferno would remind me more of the Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons.

After reading through the entire book I personally felt as if this book would end up somewhere in between The Da Vinci Code/Angels and Demons and The Lost Symbol. It was exciting, but it wasn’t as catchy as the first two books, but way more interesting than the Lost Symbol.

Now I am waiting with great expectancy for the film and if you haven’t read the book yet, lay your hands on that first and then if you want to, take a look at the Inferno trailer which can be seen on Hulu, on YouTube and lots of other video portals on the Internet.


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