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Lots of people have recommended Vikings to me. They told me it was a great TV series, and for that reason, I just started streaming the first season.

I did not know that you could stream Vikings on Amazon Prime, and so I streamed Vikings on Netflix instead. But, after streaming the first five episodes I thought time was ripe to write an article here in this blog, and as I prepared for the article, I noticed that four seasons of Vikings can be streamed with my Amazon Prime subscription as well.

Vikings is a TV series that takes us back in time, to the period in which the Vikings lived. They traveled with their boats, discovered new territories, stole the treasures they found in the new places, and then went home and dealt with their own troubles and internal affairs.

If you stream Vikings for about 3 minutes, you will get a feeling about the brutality of the series. You will see lots of violence in the series, and someone getting beheaded is very normal as you watch Vikings. You will in one of the first episodes also see how they slaughter the monks in a monastery, something I did not really enjoy, but it is probably not so far away from reality, so I am not complaining because of it… I simply didn’t like watching it.

After streaming five episodes of Vikings, I have not made up my mind. Should I watch the rest of the first season, and then the other seasons as well? I have watched lots of other junk, for example, The Affair, and that one I stopped watching after four episodes. I do like Vikings a lot more, so I have a feeling I will give it some more episodes, and then I will see whether my interest will grow or lack as I watch those episodes.

vikings on amazon prime

Watch Vikings on Amazon Prime

Would you like to watch Vikings on Amazon Prime? You can simply visit and search for Vikings, and you will get the chance at once. If you live outside the United States, follow my instructions on how to watch Amazon Prime from abroad, and you will be ready to stream Vikings in a few minutes from now.

How do you like Vikings? Are you happy with it? Do the violence and brutality┬ádisturb you, or do you find it “true to history,” and thus it is easy to digest?

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