Are you a fan of Minecraft? Watch it on Amazon Prime!

Did you know that you can watch Minecraft gameplay included with your Amazon Prime subscription? At the moment there are four episodes available, all of them lasting around 10 minutes.

Minecraft on Amazon Prime

I love playing video games, but if there is one game that I cannot stand, it is Minecraft. Since I am a gamer from old times, it feels as if the graphics are stuck in the 90’s, and it feels stupid playing the game. I gave it a try, but I just got frustrated and felt anger inside me as I tried to enjoy playing Minecraft. But, that is probably a problem with me, because Minecraft has millions of fans worldwide, meaning that they are probably right, and I am wrong.

Not long ago I visited some friends with kids, and to my great surprise, the kids were watching Minecraft gameplay videos on their TV, streaming them from YouTube. How come? I was stunned! Is it possible?

And then today I visited to check if they have added any cool content to their movie section. I first checked out content available with my Amazon Prime subscription, and that is when I noticed the Minecraft picture. What? Minecraft on Amazon Prime? Yes, it is true!

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can now stream Minecraft videos for free, and see what the game is like. But, if you decide to watch these videos, please tell me what you think afterward? Do you get frustrated and annoyed, just like me, or do you find Minecraft to be entangling and interesting?

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