Learn about blockchain on Amazon Prime

There are lots of movies and TV series to watch if you have an Amazon Prime subscription. Last week I wrote about how you can see Minecraft gameplay as well with your Prime subscription. But, did you know that you can also watch videos explaining you the blockchain technology? 

I always have a good time visiting Amazon.com to find treasures included in my Amazon Prime subscription that I did not know about. Today, I did a quick search on “blockchain”, and to my surprise, I found several videos included with my Prime subscription.

blockchain on amazon prime

If you take a look at the picture above, you can see that there are three videos included on the topic of blockchain available for free streaming with your Prime subscription. Now, the first two videos last for about 30 minutes and will give you basic information on what the blockchain technology is about.

The third on the list, Mastering Bitcoin For Beginners: Learn How To Buy and Sell Bitcoin! Gain A Real Understanding Of Cryptocurrency, The Blockchain, Investing, Mining, Trading And Doing Business With Digital Money!, is a series consisting of 10 episodes, where each episode last 12 or 13 minutes. In the different episodes, you will learn more about the blockchain technology, about Bitcoin, how to get started with Bitcoin mining, how to store Bitcoin, how to trade with Bitcoin, how to accept Bitcoin with your business, and it also has an episode dealing with the future of cryptocurrencies.

Learn more about blockchain with Amazon Prime

Doesn’t this sound amazing? If you have little knowledge on the topic, these videos will give you a brilliant introduction. It is a common advice from people in the crypto industry to understand the technology behind it. Just purchasing Ethereum, Litecoin, and other coins because it is cool and because you dream of making money, is dangerous, but if you do some research and understand the technology behind it, you will stand on a much stronger foundation at once.

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