Can I watch The Affair on Amazon Prime?

The Affair is a TV series produced by Showtime. It will soon enter into its fourth season, but if you haven’t seen it at all yet, can you stream it with Amazon Prime?

Someone recently recommended The Affair to me, and for that reason, I watched some episodes in the first season. I checked it out, and I must admit that it is a nice TV series, even though I find it a bit boring. I am curious to see where it will go from here, but the fact that there are several seasons to watch, makes me feel as if the misery from the first season will just go on and on for lots of seasons, and that makes me depressed. If that is so, I would rather waste my time on something else. But, maybe things are about to change?

The affair on amazon prime

To watch The Affair it is not enough to have an Amazon Prime subscription. You will also need a Showtime subscription, meaning that it quite expensive. But, if you have a Netflix subscription, you can find The Affair in quite a lot of Netflix regions, so I recommend that you visit Netflix before buying a Showtime subscription on Amazon Prime.

You can buy one and one episode on, or buy an entire season and watch it as an instant video, but that will cost you a lot, so you should rather watch it on Netflix as I have already recommended.


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