Don’t get depressed because of FUD

Have you heard about FUD before? It is an abbreviation often used in the cryptocurrency world, and it means “Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt.” This is what makes the market turn red, and on red days, it is easy to become depressed and feel bad.

So, what can you do if you sit with lots of values in cryptocurrencies, and you have just discovered that what you own is worth 25% less today than yesterday. FUD has been spread about the future of cryptocurrencies in China and Korea, and the market responded with giant sell orders. What are you doing?



One of the most important rules in the crypto-market is never to invest money you cannot afford to lose. If you haven’t followed that rule, you have already lost. Instead, sit down, lean back and relax. Do not forget that in September 2017 we saw FUD like this, just even more extreme, and the value of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other big currencies dropped with 30-40% within a day. But, that is not the entire story? What happened afterward? The market turned green again, and a few months later Bitcoin had increased in value from 3000 USD (which was the bottom price during the September FUD) to almost 20,000 USD at the highest before Christmas in 2017.

We need some of this to strengthen the market, and for that reason, relax! Find a good book, order a book at Amazon, watch a movie included with your Amazon Prime subscription or read a magazine included with Prime reading, and you are good to go and can eagerly await the turn of the market, which will take it to new heights.

Do not forget that with Prime Reading you can not only borrow books for free but also magazines. You get lots of value for your money, so check it out and have a good time as you do so.


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