The Stinky & Dirty Show on Amazon Prime

Stinky and Dirty ShowLooking for a show to watch with your children? Something like Bob the Builder. Then you should check out the Stinky and Dirty show, a new TV series available on Amazon Prime.

The Stinky & Dirty Show is a television show for pre-school aged children written and developed by Guy Toubes which was released last year. The television program is based on the books by Jim and Kate McMullan. The Stinky & Dirty Show’s two main character are Stinky the garbage truck and Dirty the backhoe loader. The show is about these adventures friends discovering the world around them. The dynamic and hilarious duo learn new things by trying them out and asking the question ‘what if’ which can lead eventually to success. In the beginning of the series it shows how Stinky and Dirty meets and quickly form an effective team together and in each episode they have to solve some kind of special problem together where they can also discover new information of the world around them. The Stinky & Dirty Show is a problem solving television series for children with some engineering where kids can learn that melons are not good for wheels and also that rounded objects roll better than the square ones so The Stinky & Dirty Show is an informative television program for children where they can learn and get familiar with the basics problems.

The series is computer animated but it has a crayon and paper look so it makes it even friendlier, more familiar and more unique for the children. The Stinky & Dirty Show is an entertaining television series for children which has nice graphics, fun and entertaining story full with everyday problems to solve and learn from.

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