Obvious Child now on Amazon Prime

Obvious Child on Amazon PrimeThere are always new films added to Amazon Prime, meaning that with a membership you can watch them for free. A brand new such films is Obvious Child. To find out more about watching Amazon Prime and Instant Videos from outside the US, read this article.

The Obvious Child is an American romantic comedy written and directed by Gillian Robespirre which premiered in 2014. The Obvious Child stars Jenny Slate as Donna Stern who is a comedian, Jake Lacy as Max the one night stand of Donna, Gaby Hoffmann as Nellie the room mate and friend of Donna, David Cross as Sam a friend of Donna, Richard Kind as Jacob Stern, Donna’s father and Polly Draper as Nancy Stern Donna’s mother. The story of the movie follows the young comedian Donna Stern who after a drunken one night stand finds herself pregnant and decides to have an abortion. Donna Stern is a stand up comedian who is on stage jokes about serious and intimate topics such as her sex and love life. When she gets dumped, loses her job at the book store and finds her self pregnant after a drunken night she realises taking responsibility for her own acts and life is not as easy as she thought.

During her journey in the life of adulthood she finds out that the most terrifying thing is not that she has to take responsibility for her life but to accept the help and the love of the others supporting her on her way and to accept to be vulnerable sometimes. The Obvious Child is one nicely written and done movie with lots of laughs and at points human honesty. The movie got really good reviews and it is highly recommended for everyone who desires some happiness.

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