A Walk Among the Tombstones on Instant Video

A Walk Among the Tombstones is an average American action drama stars Liam Neeson which was released in 2014. You can now watch it on Amazon Instant Video.

A walk among the tombstonesThe movie is based on a novel by Lawrence Block A Walk Among the Tombstones. The story takes place in New York where Liam Neeson plays an ex cop, Matthew Scudder who is working as an unlicensed private detective doing favours for strangers outside the law. The story starts in 1991 in New York city when Detective Scudder is sitting in a cafe house where he drinks his usual coffee and two shots when two masked robber tries to rob the place but the bar tender says no and they shot him so Scudder pulls his gun out and chasing them down the streets of New York. Eight years later as a recovered alcoholic he agrees to help a heroin trafficker to find the man who kidnapped and brutally killed his wife. As we go further in the story the ex-NYPD cop finds out that was not the first time the murderer killed and kidnapped someone for money and probably not the last time either.

So Neeson starts investigating and hunting down the criminals on the streets of New York. The story line of the movie is average along side with the acts of the actors. In general the movie received quite good reviews and they were especially satisfied with the act of Liam Neeson. The movie and the scenes are well made but the story itself was nothing unusual or extraordinary.

If you want to watch A Walk Among the Tombstones on Amazon.com just click the link. If you would rather watch another action film on Amazon Instant Video, why not watch The Maze Runner instead.

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