Most popular movies at July 2017

Are you looking for a movie to rent or buy on Amazon this summer, and want to find out which are the most popular movies available at the moment? Look no further!

While preparing for Prime Day 2017, you might want to stream a movie on Amazon. If you have a Prime subscription (which you probably have, since you look forward to Prime Day), then you can find my list presenting the best Prime movies for the summer of 2017. But, not all movies are included with Amazon Prime, and if you want to actually buy or rent a movie, these are the most popular movies available at right now.

The movies presented in this list is based on the best sellers list at Things change all the time, so by the time you check the list at Amazon, these movies might no longer be among the best sellers, but currently these are some of the most popular movies at

Most popular movies on in July 2017

The Boss Baby

It might not be a surprise that this movie is at the top of the list. It did not receive that good critics really, but what is better than a children’s movie for the summer holiday. Parents and grandparents want to keep their children busy, and with a brand new movie released on DVD and Blu-Ray in this period, it is a sure success in family homes.

The Boss Baby

The Lego Batman Movie

Yet another movie that is an example of what I mentioned earlier. Children love to watch TV, and when you get a combination of Lego and Batman in the same movie, it is a guaranteed success. This movie actually received quite a lot of good critics, and currently has a 7,4/10 score at iMDB.

Lego Batman Movie

Beauty and the Beast

It wasn’t long ago that this movie brought millions of people to the theaters all across the world, and now it is available for purchase at The story of this girl who is taken captive by the beast has captivated audience for decades. Now it has returned, and Emma Watson is simply stunning in her role as the beauty. I did not expect much from the movie, but I actually liked it a lot as I watched it. No wonder it is a big success at Amazon as well!

Beauty and the Beast


Whenever Marvel does something, it sells. And when Hugh Jackman returns to play Logan in one more movie in the X-Men series, it has got to become a hit. The movie has a fantastic 8,2/10 score at iMDB and at it has a 4,1/5 stars as its score. In this movie Logan is trying to hide away from the world with Professor X, but when mutants start showing up pursued by dark forces, Logan has got to step up to help.


John Wick 2

I watched the first movie only a couple of months ago, and it was one crazy action movie with violence in every corner. It started slowly, but once it arrived, it was shooting and fighting all the time. Now the second movie with Keanu Reeves in the role as John Wick is back, and I will try to watch it myself within shortly. The movie has a 7,7/10 score at iMDB and a 4,1/5 score at Amazon. If you like action movies, this is gonna be a treat for you.

John Wick 2

Table 19

Anna Kendrick plays the role as a girl who is placed at table 19 during a wedding. That is the table of the losers, and even though she dislikes it strongly in the start, things are about to change. This might not be the best movie ever (only 5,9/10 score at iMDB and 3,3/5 at Amazon), but it is a nice light movie to watch if you just want to relax.

Table 19

The Zookeepers Wife

If you are in for a more serious movie, then The Zookeepers Wife might be perfect for you. Most of us have seen one or more movies about families hiding Jews during the Second World War. In this movie the same is happening, only that a family hide fugitives in their very own zoo. At Amazon this movie has a 4,4/5 score, meaning that the audience really finds this to be a good movie.

The Zookeepers wife


The movies mentioned so far have all been quite normal action movies or with serious stories. Would you rather stream a completely crazy cop comedy instead? Watch CHIPs. This movie stars Dax Shepard and  Michael Peña as two cops who does almost everything wrong. But, now they have to go undercover to find out who is leaking information from the inside of the police department. At the same time one officer has to work hard on his marriage with the beautiful Kristen Bell.


If you did not know it, then Dax Shepard is actually married to Kristen Bell in real life as well, and he was not only partaking in the movie, he also directed it.

Are you ready to face the summer?

If you have read through this list, I hope you have gotten some ideas for what to stream this evening. If I had to pick three of these movies to watch myself, I would probably pick The Zookeeper’s Wife, CHIPs and Logan. Which movies would you pick from this list?

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  1. I’d watch the Beauty and the Beast, Table 19 and the Zookeeper’s Wife. Cant stand stupid movies like Logan and John Wick!

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