Get your free Prime book in July 2017 as well!

I just received the monthly email from Amazon where they remind me about the free Prime book I am allowed to get. Have you chosen your book yet?

It is quite amazing that you get a free book with your Amazon Prime subscription every month. I am a big fan of everything that comes for free with your Prime subscription. I must admit that I am a much bigger fan of Prime reading, as there are much more books available with it, and lots of famous books and magazines. But, the free Prime book of the month is great as well.

In July 2017 you can yet again choose between six different books, and here you can see the list of those books:

  • The Sky Below: A True Story of Summits, Space, and Speed [Kindle in Motion]
    by Scott Parazynski, Susy Flory
  • Little Boy Lost
    by J. D. Trafford
  • Secondborn (Secondborn Series Book 1)
    by Amy A. Bartol
  • A Beautiful Poison
    by Lydia Kang
  • Mrs. Saint and the Defectives: A Novel
    by Julie Lawson Timmer
  • Kings of Broken Things
    by Theodore Wheeler

Here you can also take a look at a screenshot showing the six books at the website.

Prime Books July 2017

Which book have I chosen this month?

Normally I do not pick or download any book at all from the free Prime books. I do not have time to read them anyway, and if I have a free moment, then I rather jump to Prime reading to find something there (or I finish one of the books I have already started, but haven’t finished yet instead). In July 2017 I however decided to get one of the books at once, and that was Mrs. Saint and the Defectives. I haven’t read it yet, but it is downloaded to my Kindle, and with summer holidays coming up, I hope I will have the chance to read the book.

The story of the book is shortly summed up as “a tale of how community can heal the brokenness in all of us.” In it we meet Mrs. Saint, a lady who does everything in her power to help people with defects, no matter if they want her help or not.

I haven’t read it yet, but hopefully I will. If you do not have an Amazon Prime subscription yet, do not forget that Prime Day is coming up on July 11th, and on this day hundreds of thousands of mobile phones, TV’s and small and large products are sold at amazing prices. Are you ready to shop? Get your Prime subscription in order!

To find out more about how you can sign up for Amazon Prime and pay for your Amazon Prime subscription, read this article.

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