What are you buying for Prime day?

The annual Prime day is today, and if you are a fan of Amazon, you have probably visited their store already a couple of times.

The Prime day started yesterday evening at 18.00, and it will last until midnight on July 11th. Since I personally live in Europe, I normally do my shopping from the German Amazon store. There are so  many advantages of shopping from Germany when you live in a EU country. You do not have to pay any VAT on the goods you buy, and since I live in a country to which Amazon ship orders above 40 Euro for free, it is really smooth.

Primeday 2017

I just placed my first (and probably only) Prime day order in the German store. I bought a tent, lots of candy and two board games to play with friends. I payed exactly half the price of what I would have paid on a normal day, so I must say that I am pretty happy about my purchase. You should know that not all Prime day purchases are fantastic offers. Sometimes you will only save 1 Euro (1 Dollar) compared to normal prices, but other times you can save hundreds of dollars, depending on what you decide to buy.

Is it worth it? Time is money!

I sometimes ask myself, whether or not it is worth spending hours at Amazon to find the best offers and to buy them during Prime Day. You spend so much time, that maybe you could have earned just as much money during that time if you actually worked? And thus you could have bought the same products later? It is a good question, but I do believe most people will actually enjoy looking around, and that is half the fun. And if you spend one hour looking around, and you find something you need and even get it cheaper, then it is brilliant. There is something so good about buying something at a lower cost. You almost feel as if you won the lottery, when all you did was buy a discounted product. But yes, it feels good in the middle of the summer with Prime day.

If you haven’t started shopping yet, then you still have quite a lot of hours left. Look around on the Prime Day deals, and I am sure everyone will find something that they need, or at least convince themselves that they need it. I managed to, and I am sure that you will manage to as well.

If you first have a Prime membership, do not forget to enjoy all the bonuses and goodies included with your membership. You can read more about all the Prime membership advantages here.

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