A nice wine glass for a nice film!

A glass of wine to the filmTo watch a good film is great, but the surroundings will often impact your rating and experience of a film. So, why not buy a nice wine glass and enjoy a glass of wine that you can enjoy next to the film?

There are lots of great films that you can watch on Amazon.com no matter what kind of mood you are in. To make the movie experience even better there are some things you can do. Personally I like some good nacho chips and salsa dip and some coke, but if you are more into wine then why not buy yourself a nice wine glass that you can pour some delicious wine into, and then you can sip some wine from a beautiful glass while enjoying the film. It might be that you do not want to watch The Avengers: Age of Ultron, at least that is not the kind of film I would combine with a nice glass of wine, but if you want to watch a film with a bit slower pace like for example Bridge of Spies of maybe The Longest Ride, then a glass of wine could fit much better.

But, what kind of glasses should you buy? Here are some suggestions for nice wine glasses!

  • Riedel Cocktail/Martini glass (if you would rather drink a martini or a cocktail)
  • Riedel Cabernet/Merlot glasses
  • Riedel Champagne glass (if you want it to be sparkling)

Take a look at these glasses and hopefully you will find some or more of them to help you out and make your evenings movie experience even better!

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