Full Blindspot season 1 now on Amazon

The first season of Blindspot has been a major success for NBC and I must admit that it is my new favorite TV series. If you have not seen it yet then you can now watch the full Blindspot season 1 on Amazon.

There is little doubt that the story about Agent Weller and Jane Doe working together for the FBI has caught the attention of millions of fans worldwide. It was first aired in the autumn on 2015 and it became such a big success at once that they decided to create a full first season and of course a second season as well. The destiny of Blindspot was far better than its NBC companion The Player were the first nine episodes were aired and then it was game over.

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Blindspot season 1 on Amazon

Blindspot is one of the best action TV series available at the moment and it is packed with both mystery, action, romance and tensity, so it actually offers almost everything you expect such a TV series to have. If you haven’t seen it yet visit Amazon.com and buy a pass for the entire season and make sure that have lots of free hours, because once you start you will for sure not want to stop watching until the entire first season is finished. And yes, by experience I can tell you that many people who start buying one episode of the Blindspot often buy 3-4-5 more episodes at once afterwards, because they get hooked on the story!

Now with Blindspot season 1 finished I will simply have to wait for season two, but that is at least 4 months ahead in time, so until then I will have to find some other stuff to watch instead. There are great films coming to cinema this summer, but there are also some great films that I have not yet seen, so probably I will not have time to get bored. But, I will for sure look forward to Blindspot season 2 throughout the entire summer!

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