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London has Fallen on AmazonLondon has Fallen is the follow up film to Olympus has Fallen. It was released in 2016 and from June 14th you can watch London has Fallen on Amazon!

You can of course also buy London has Fallen on Amazon on DVD or Blu-Ray, but if you would rather watch London has Fallen online right away, then you can do so from June 14th on It is quite easy to watch such Instant Videos on, even if you are located outside United States. For information on how that is done, read this article.

Is it worth watching London has Fallen on Amazon

In most critics I have read of this film they are simply slaughtering the film, telling that it is terrible and one of the worst action films in 2016. I must admit that it is for sure not the best action film ever, but if you are a person (like me) who enjoy a simple action film in which our super guy can beet up as many bad guys as the world can possibly offer all by himself, then this is for you. This is quite similar to Olympus has Fallen, so if you liked that one, this will be your taste as well.

Again we meet the President of the United States (Aaron Eckhart) as he travel to attend a funeral of the British Prime Minister in London. But, little did they all know about what expected them upon arrival to London. Luckily his personal body guard and security boss is with him (Gerard Butler). In this film we also meet the Vice President of the United States which is played by Morgan Freeman.

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