The new Kindle Oasis is here

One of the most popular Amazon products, the Kindle, just got better. On October 31st the new Kindle Oasis will be released, and now you can truly bring your Kindle to the beach as well.

The new Kindle Oasis will be the best Kindle produced so far. The new Kindle Oasis is water-proof, and that is the main focus of the new version. You can in other word bring it to the beach, and you do not have to fear the fact that it might get wet. But, Kindle Oasis is more than just water-proof. Some of the biggest adjustments to this new Kindle is the fact that it has 12 built-in LEDs (compared to 4 in the Paperwhite and Voyage), and just like the Voyage, it has an adaptive sensor for light. The screen size is bigger than the other (7″ on the Kindle Oasis, compared to 6″ on the others), and this one is audible as well (something that can not be said about the Kindle Voyage or the Kindle Paperwhite).

Kindle Oasis

The price for this upcoming Kindle Oasis will be 249USD at It is very nice with Kindle that it doesn’t matter where you live, because you can use the Kindle everywhere. There might be geographical restrictions when streaming a movie on Amazon, but there are no restrictions on books.

Are you gonna buy the new Kindle Oasis once it is released? I will not, but I must admit that it sounds like a treat!

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