Watch the original Blade Runner movie on Amazon

With Blade Runner 2049 in theatres worldwide, the young generation suddenly has to travel back in time to watch the original Blade Runner movie from 1982. How can that be done?

blade runner on Amazon

If you would like to stream Blade Runner on Netflix you will be disappointed. The movie can not be found in any Netflix region at all. Where should the young generation find Blade Runner then? The easiest answer is probably Google Play or At Google Play you can buy or rent the movie easily, and it has no region blocks creating trouble for you. If you live in the United States, you can also stream Blade Runner easily on If you live outside the United States you can still watch Blade Runner on Amazon, but you need to follow these instructions to make it possible.

If you decide to rent Blade Runner on the price is 4 or 5 USD (depending on the quality). If you decide to buy the movie, the price will around the double.

Blade Runner is a legendary movie, almost like the original Star Wars trilogy. Have you seen it? Or do you want to see? Maybe you are like me who watched Blade Runner 2049 first, and now I feel like I have to watch the original movie as well?


2 thoughts on “Watch the original Blade Runner movie on Amazon”

  1. Basically there are only two ( 2 ) real choices for the 1982 versiobe of BLADE RUNNER. The finest Sci-fi ever made.

    FIRST choice is DIRECTORS CUT.

    SECOND CHOICE is with a Voice Over my Harrison Ford.

    You can read thousands of blah blah articles by Critics, but they must be paid by the paragraphs. I have seen both, perhaps dozens of times. I still love the VOICE OVER by Ford.

    So there you have it. If you want to debate, to back to High School and find a Debate Club. I have my opinion, and frankly, I don’t care to read yours

    bye… 🙈

    1. Really glad to listen to your thoughts and opinion. Thank you for sharing and hope to have you back here to comment on other articles in the future!

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