Up-2-date: How to stream Amazon videos from abroad!

Are you fed up with outdated articles on how to stream Amazon videos from abroad? There are lots of articles out there that was written years ago, and unfortunately, the methods described in those articles don’t work anymore.

This article will be “old” in a couple of years from now as well, and for that simple reason, I will not write a working method on how to stream Amazon videos abroad in this article. Instead, visit the front page of this blog, and there you will find an article that I regularly update (at least every single week). I do frequent tests on the VPN providers recommended in the article, making sure that the VPN providers I recommend, really do work with Amazon videoes, no matter where you might be in the world.

How does this work?

I have working VPN subscriptions to several VPN providers. Regularly I use the connections recommended at the front page of this blog and connect to servers I know work with Amazon videos in the USA. Once I connect, I visit amazon.com and stream different content. If it works, I keep recommending it on the front page of this blog, but if it doesn’t work, I remove it and recommend something that works instead.

Amazon videos from abroad

It is worth noticing that the VPN providers I recommend work with Amazon videos, but not all their servers. At the time I am writing this article ExpressVPN is a VPN provider that can be used to stream Amazon videos. But, that doesn’t mean that all their servers can be used for the purpose. The truth is in fact that only 10% of their servers (at most) can be used with Amazon videos. You, therefore, have to find out which servers work. That can be done either by asking here in a comment or by contacting the ExpressVPN customer support.

BUT, do not forget that the fact that ExpressVPN works with Amazon videos as I write this article does not mean that it will work by the time you read this article. Check my instructions on how to watch Amazon videos from abroad, and use one of the up-2-date solutions described there.

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