How to mirror cell phone and tablet to Fire Stick or Fire TV?

Mirror COntent with Fire TVI have an Amazon Fire TV Stick and I really do like it. I always enjoy using it to watch content, but recently I wondered if I could use it to mirror content from my mobile phone (or tablet) as well. In other words, I wanted to show on my TV what was happening on my mobile phone. Is that possible with the Fire TV Stick or with a Fire TV?

The procedure to get this working is the same both for Fire TVs and for Fire TV Sticks so go ahead. First of all you will need to press your home button on the Fire TV (stick) control. Once at the home screen press home once more and choose to mirror the screen. You will now see the name of your TV and now it is time to find your tablet or your cell phone that you want to mirror to the TV screen.

Now before you continue it is important to know that not all cell phones and tablets support this, so for example the cheapest Fire 7 tablet from Amazon which I bought a few months ago do not support this. But, I also have a Google cell phone and with this I was able to mirror its content to my TV through the Fire TV Stick.

So, you can easily check if it is possible in this way.

  • Enter Settings on your tablet or cell phone.
  • Choose Display.
  • Some devices will here have a function named Mirroring. My Google phone has a function named Cast. Choose mirroring or cast. If no such option exist your device probably does not support mirroring.
  • If it do support mirroring then at once select to mirror to the Fire TV Stick which should show up.
  • On my Google Phone I did not see the stick at once, but I had to Enable Wireless Display in the options found after I pressed Cast, and then I found the stick at once and could start mirroring content!

I hope these instructions have helped you and that you will now be able to show content played on your mobile phone or tablet and have it shown on your big TV screen using the Fire TV or Fire TV stick as a mediator in a few minutes from now.

If you have questions or comments just write, but I can not guarantee that I will be able to help!

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