Can I use Amazon Prime in Spain?

I will travel to Spain for my upcoming holidays and simply wonder if I can use my current Amazon Prime subscription while in Spain? I guess I can not order products to Spain, but can I watch the Prime videos and can I watch Orange is the New Black episodes while in Spain?

Watching Amazon Prime in Spain

That is a brilliant question and the answer is both yes and no. The problem is that your Amazon Prime subscription in the United States can only be used and enjoyed while in the United States. Every time you visit the Amazon website they check your IP address to see if you are located in USA or not. If you are in the USA you will be able to watch online content like Orange is the New Black and so on, but if they notice that you are outside the USA you will no longer be able to do so, but you will get an error message instead. So, the first part of the answer is NO!

Luckily that is just the first part, because there is a solution to the problem. What you can do is to use a VPN service provided by PureVPN that will give you an IP address in USA, even if you are in Spain. In other ways you can trick the system a bit, and thus you will be able to watch Amazon videos included in your American Prime subscription, also in Spain (and any other country in the world).Visit the PureVPN website(great discounts available right now)

If you visit their website then you can download their program after you have made a subscription, and once you have the program downloaded and your subscription in order you can connect to a server in the USA and at once you will get an American IP address and then you will be able to watch Amazon videos only available to people in the USA, also in Spain!

If you follow these instructions you can also enjoy your US Hulu subscription while in Spain, watch US Netflix while in Spain and so on!

I hope this answer has cleared things up for you, but if you have further questions or comments, just write in the comment field beneath!

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  1. Not really, most of the movies are all in Spanish with Spanish subtitles only lol
    Totally a deal breaker for me..

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