Disappointed by the Prime Day

Kindle Paperwhite discount
I bought a cheap Kindle Paperwhite on Prime Day in Germany

Am I the only one who was a bit disappointed by the Amazon Prime Day? I have Prime subscriptions available in both Germany and in the United States, but for some reasons I did not really find anything worth buying.

Well that ain’t exactly true, because I bought an Amazon Kindle from the German Store as the Paperwhite Kindle was heavily discounted and only costed 70 Euro instead of 120 Euro. But, despite the fact that I actually bought a Kindle because of the big Prime Day discount, I did not really find much worth buying on this day and I was not very tempted by what I saw.

I did of course not have time to sit in front of my screen and watch the new deals being launched every fifth minute, but still – there were to few discounts, so to me Black Friday is way more funny than Prime Day on Amazon.

What do you think? Did you shop anything from Amazon on Prime Day? Did you enjoy it?

What to do with your Prime subscription now?

Now, if you made got yourself a Prime subscription on Prime Day to make sure that you could buy and enjoy all the discounts, then you will for sure be interested in finding out more about the benefits of actually having a Prime subscription. And if you plan on going abroad, find out how you can watch Amazon Prime videos while being abroad.

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