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By The Sea on AmazonBy The Sea is a special film with Mr. and Mrs. Smith, that is with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. It can now be bought on, so if you haven’t seen the film yet, go ahead and buy it right away.

I haven’t seen By The Sea myself, but based on the trailer it looks like an interesting film that I am very curious about. I read a comment on the trailer where someone praised the trailer. It was given praise simply because it doesn’t give away the entire film, and thus I do not really know the entire story of the film after watching the trailer. And that is why I guess By The Sea is a film that I need to see, to find out if it is really worth watching or not.

But, I guess I can get a little feeling about the film by checking its score on other movie sites, and on IMDb it has a 5.2/10 score. That is quite low for IMDb, but maybe Rotten Tomatoes has something better to say about By The Sea? Well, it didn’t. At Rotten Tomatoes By The Sea currently has a score of 33%. Maybe I shouldn’t spend time and money on watching By The Sea after all?

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