Can I watch Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant Videos in Africa?

Amazon is the biggest online store in the United States and they are also present in lots of other nations. But, if you are in Africa, can you use Amazon then? Can I watch Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant Videos in Africa?

In general it can be said that you can without problems visit while in Africa. There are also quite a lot of products you can order in South Africa and have them sent to you there, but the best way actually to find those products is to visit the global Amazon Store which you can read about by pressing the link.

So yes, you can order books and also quite a lot of DVDs and other products to Africa, but what about enjoying Amazon Prime and watching TV series and movies online at Can that be done in Africa?

Get Amazon in Africa
Can I watch Amazon videos in Africa?

Watch Amazon Prime and Instant Videos in Africa

If you try to watch any Amazon Prime content or Amazon Instant Videos while in Africa then you will however face some trouble. The biggest problem is that the video content is only available for viewers in the United States and because of that you will receive an error message telling you that the content can not be seen. That is quite annoying, both if you have paid for a film already, or if you want to buy a film (or a Prime membership), but can not do so because of you residing in Africa and not in the United States. Luckily there are things you can do for this to work, and the solution is exactly the same as if you would want to watch Hulu in Africa, watch HBO NOW in Africa and so on. You will need to get yourself an American IP address, which is something you can easily get using the VPN services of PureVPN.

Visit the PureVPN website(great discounts available right now)

This is a VPN provider which will give you access to servers all around the world, and to several in the United States. Using their application which is available on all operating systems and devices you can then connect to a server in the United States which will give you an American IP address, and at once the website will believe that you are located in USA and will give you access to all the content available there.

Notice that you will need to have an user registered with an actual address in the United States for this to work (so either create a new user or update the address of your current user). To watch Instant Videos you will also need an American payment card, or you can read this article to find a way around that problem!

You can now watch Amazon videos in Africa

If you have followed these instructions you should be able to watch Amazon videos in Africa. I have written even more detailed instructions on how this works here in this blog, so visit for even more information and detailed instructions if you have questions. You can of course write a comment as well using the comment field beneath if you have a question or something on your heart.

Enjoy watching Amazon Instant Videos in Africa!

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