Amazon Fire TV Stick don’t see my WiFi network

I recently faced a challenge as my Amazon Fire TV Stick couldn’t see my WiFi network. My computer could see and connect to the WiFi network, so could my phone, but my Amazon Fire TV Stick did not even see the WiFi network. What did I do to make it work?

Amazon Fire TV Stick not seeing my WiFi network
What can be done if Amazon Fire TV Stick does not find your WiFi network?

This is a problem that I have had and what I did to make my Amazon Fire TV Stick see my WiFi network was to actually change the Authentication Method for the WiFi network from WPA2-Personal to WPA-Auto-Personal. I just did so and saved the settings on my router and at once afterwards I could discover the network also on my Amazon Fire TV Stick. And in addition I could find it and connect to it on my iPad which had not worked earlier.

That was in other words what I had to do as a result of my Amazon Fire TV Stick not discovering my WiFi network at all. If you face the same problem this can be worth trying, but I can of course not guarantee that you will actually succeed as you follow these instructions.

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