Get ready for Mockingjay 2

Mockingjay 2 onlineMockingjay 2 will be released and made available on in a few days from now and if you have not seen the film yet you for sure have great expectations. It is not at all my goal to ruin your expectations, but I must say that I had great expectations myself before watching Mockingjay 2, but as the film was finished I almost felt as if I would have invested my time better if I had slept instead.

I have never been a big Hunger Games fan, but I still liked the first three films quite a lot, and especially Mockingjay 1 I liked. The concept of the Hunger Games was a bit brutal to me and that is why I did not like it, but if I still kind of accept the story behind the entire Hunger Games, then I would say that the first two films were great as well. But, now it was time for the end of the story to be made, and I was really disappointed at the last film. It was kind of boring, I was not even nervous or feeling tense because of the excitement in the film, but instead I was kind of bored and waiting for the film to end.

Now, that might just be my experience with Mockingjay 2, so if you have a completely different opinion I would love to hear your thoughts. If you have not yet seen the film, then you should of course still watch it, after all we must be like Sheldon Cooper in the Big Bang Theory and finish what we have started, and then you can afterwards decide whether you were happy that you started at all or not.

If you look for some other film to watch while waiting one more week for Mockingjay 2, then you can of course consider Maze Runner: The Scorch trials, but let me tell you this; if Mockingjay 2 was boring, then the Scorch Trials felt like a disaster to me. I want tell why, but man… that was a catastrophe of a follow up film to the first part which was really brilliant

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