Bundesliga coming up!

In 11 days the German Bundesliga season 2015-16 will start. Most people will of course consider Bayern Munich to be the big favorites, but after loosing their match against Wolfsburg a few days ago (on penalties), Wolfsburg is for sure one of the big outsiders who can cause problems for Bayern Munich.

Unfortunately the German Bundesliga is incredibly popular, which means that the matches can not be seen on public and free TV channels such as ZDF. In Germany Sky Sports carries the right to broadcast from the German Bundesliga, so if you want to watch the opening match for example between Bayern Munich and Hamburger SV, you will need a Sky Sports Germany subscription, which costs quite a lot of money.

So, what is ZDF useful for? A whole lots of stuff, because at ZDF you can for example watch on Champions League match a week during the Champions League season. And, if a German team is out there playing, then that is the match which will be shown on ZDF on that Wednesday evening. If you want to read more about watching ZDF from abroad, you can do so here.

But, let us return to the Bundesliga. What can you do if you sit in front of your computer and want to watch the German Bundesliga online. After all it can not be seen for free on ZDF, and Sky Sports is really expensive. Unfortunately there are no easy and cheap ways to watch the German Bundesliga online, but I can recommend watchbundesliga.com where you will find information about the best and cheapest ways to watch the Bundesliga online still.

If you want to know more about watching the Champions League online in different ways, then you can read such information at watchpremierleague.org where they have an article dedicated to the subject of watching the Champions League online.

So, what team will win the German Bundesliga in 2015-16. I am quite fed up with the Bayern Munich reign, so I do hope some other team will win. But what team could be able to toss Bayern Munich down from the throne. Unfortunately there are no such team really in Germany, but if there should be such a team in the 2015-16 season that would be Wolfsburg with de Bruyne, Bendtner and other cool guys in the team!

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