Champions League final to be broadcasted on

The Champions League final in 2014/2015 which will be played on JUne 6th between Barcelona and the stars from Turin playing in Juventus, will be broadcasted on, like so many other Champions League matches earlier this season. In other words, wherever you are in the world, you will have the chance to watch the Champions League final online on Find out more about how you can watch ZDF from abroad here.

The match will start at 20.45 German time and the match will be played in Berlin. It will for sure be lots of action as the match starts, and I am quite sure that there will be three or more goals in this match. I do hope somehow that Juventus will play really good, but if the best team is to win, then I do have to say that Barcelona should win the match. But, let us first wait and see who will play the best match in the Champions League final. And yes again, you can see all the action at ZDF, so enjoy watching the Champions League final online!

And, if you want to watch more football, why not enjoy the upcoming World Cup for women online as well?

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