How to watch ZDF on Apple TV outside Germany?

Apple TV is a brilliant tool if you want to watch TV programs, TV series and TV channels. But, what to do if you want to watch ZDF on Apple TV outside Germany?

It is easy to download the ZDF app from the Apple Store on your Apple TV. But, if you try to watch most of the programs available in the ZDF app or maybe the live stream you will not be allowed to do so, simply because you are located abroad, and ZDF can not be seen abroad. So, what can be done to watch ZDF on Apple TV outside Germany?

how to watch zdf on apple tv abroad

Watch ZDF on Apple TV outside Germany

To get started an to watch ZDF on Apple TV outside Germany there are two things you can do!

Change DNS settings on your Apple TV

By far the easiest thing to do is to sign up for the services of Unlocator which is free for seven days and then 5 USD a month. You will then get access to their DNS servers which you will need to configure on your Apple TV.

I have earlier written a detailed walk through on how this is done step by step, so click the link beneath and get started if you want to try this!

Setup a VPN on your router

This is a bit more complicated, but a way that will make it look as if you are actually located in Germany 100% and it will unblock all services in Germany, not only ZDF. This will require of you that you have a VPN subscription and a router on which you can easily setup a VPN connection. It is quite easy to setup, and for a detailed guide on how it is done, click the link beneath.

Now you should be ready to watch ZDF on your Apple TV, also from outside Germany. If you have any problems or questions, just use the comment field beneath!


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