Champions League on ORF in 2015-16 as well

ORF is the brilliant TV channel in Austria and following a very nice tradition they will broadcast from the Champions League also in the 2015-16 season.

ORF is known to broadcast the best sports events on their TV channels, and that is why they have earlier broadcasted both winter and summer Olympics, and in addition they have broadcasted FIFA World Cup in football and lots of other goodies. And, now they will continue broadcasting one match a week as the Champions League 2015-16 season is about to start.

The qualifying rounds are already going strong, but the group stage of the Champions League will start with the first matches on September 15th and 16th. What teams will be playing there will be found out as the last play off matches are finished on August 25th and August 26th.

The winner of the Austrian Bundesliga in 2015-16 Red Bull Salzburg is working hard to qualify for the Champions League group stage, and after one match in the third qualifying round they have a 2-0 advantage against the Swedish team Malmo, a team which managed to qualify for the Champions League group stage in the 2014-15 season. But, based on the first match Malmo will probably not do so two years in a row, because the Austrian team Red Bull Salzburg seams to be to good for the Swedish champions. Time will show, but hopefully we will be able to follow the Austrian team Red Bull Salzburg as they play Champions League matches live on ORF.

To find out more about watching ORF online, read the following article.

Also coming up in a couple of days is the Premier League start, and the first match will be the match between Manchester United and Tottenham. Then comes the Italian Serie A which will start on August 22nd, the Spanish La Liga will start one day earlier on August 21st, while the German Bundesliga will start on Augst 14th with  a match between Bayern Munchen and Hamburger SV.