Watch Summer Olympics 2016 online on ORF

Summer Olympics on ORFThe Summer Olympics will start in 12 days from now. Austrian’s do not have so much to look forward to, but if you want to watch the Summer Olympics online on ORF, read on!

Austria did not have a fabulous Olympic performance in London in 2012. In fact they managed to leave England without any medal at all. In Beijing back in 2008 they performed better and got 1 silver medal and 2 bronze medals. There might not be an extreme interest in the Summer Olympics, and that is natural considering their lack of success. Austria is a much better nation when it comes to winter sports, but there are still lots of action in the Rio Olympics that Austrians want to watch, even if they do not have any chance of grabbing medals.

Watch the Summer Olympics on ORF

To watch the Summer Olympics online on ORF you only have to visit There you can watch the free live streams online. If you for some reason should be located outside Austria that won’t work, but if you follow my instructions you can find out more about how you can watch ORF from abroad. Those are general instructions related to watching ORF online, but if you want more exact information about the different broadcasters showing the Summer Olympics and how to watch them online, read this article. The article will be in German, so if you do not understand that language, read this article instead.

I hope you are prepared for watching the Summer Olympics online on ORF. Which part of the Summer Olympics do you look forward to the most? Are you looking forward to the football were Neymar will play for Brazil? Or are you cheering for the Swiss legend Roger Federer in the tennis competition?

Austria in the Summer Olympics 2016

The Austrian troop traveling to Rio will be made up of 68 contestants, competing in a total of 22 sports.