How can I watch the World Cup 2014 on ORF from abroad?

Would you like to watch the World Cup 2014 from Brazil live online? Just like ORF broadcasted from the Winter Olympics, they will also broadcast from the World Cup 2014.

If you want to watch live from Brazil on ORF online, then you will need to get yourself an Austrian IP address. The best way of getting an Austrian IP address is to sign up for the VPN services of IPVanish. That is a brilliant VPN services with servers in more than 40 nations, and thus as you sign up you can get an IP address in more than 40 nations, including an Austrian IP address. And once you have an Austrian IP address, you can watch all your favorite matches from the World Cup 2014 live online on the ORF website from all across the world.

Visit IPVanish website

If you press the button you will be sent to the IPVanish website and you are ready to start. The entire process only takes a few minutes, so if the match in the World Cup 2014 that you want to see is starting in a few minutes, you can be ready to watch it live online on ORF in less than five minutes.

FIFA World Cup online on ORF

More information about the World Cup and full World Cup 2014 schedule can be be found here.